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W2K3R2 Admin Assistance Needed

By Alan_ ·
Is anyone interested in providing probono support to install and configure a network in a community learining center for grade school and high school kids in Waterbury, CT?

Assistance is needed to install and configure the server, W2k3R2, and workstations, XP Pro, and to define procedures for the learning center's staff to be able to perform basic administration, e.g., reset passwords, create/delete user accounts, etc.

The learning center was offered a grant to purchase equipment but not to purchase consulting for setup and implementation. On the theory ? a loaf is better than none equipment and software was purchased and a search begun for network administrator support.

Please respond to this post if you have the skills and are interested in providing the support.

Thank you.

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Good luck..but I doubt you will find anyone looking to work for free

by Why Me Worry? In reply to W2K3R2 Admin Assistance N ...

Personally, I wouldn't mind doing it, but I am so busy supporting paying clients on contract that I don't think I even have the time for anything like this, even out of the goodness of my heart. Factor in travel expenses, time, and materials, the cost to me personally isn't worth it and I will not commit to something I can't deliver on.

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Thanks for giving it consideration

by Alan_ In reply to Good luck..but I doubt yo ...

Thanks at least for thinking about it. I do appreciate your not making a commitment to something you can't deliver on.

Some people might find the time and effort worthwhile, even without getting paid. I was asked to get involved to help define how to spend the grant. Initially I expected to devote about 8 - 12 hours. It has consumed at least 40 hours at this point but I'm very pleased with the time spent.

For me it is rewarding because these folks need help with every phase of implementation and are appreciative of the efforts made on their behalf. There's none of the politics normally involved in any large acquisition made at the office.

And to top that off the goal of providing the neighborhood kids with a resource they can use to gain computer skills is very appealing. For most of these kids their schools don't even have computers. My kids have had computers at school, large labs with a computer for each student, since they've been going. And they've had computers at home since the first one was in diapers.

Getting this done won't change the world but it will give some kids opportunities they wouldn't otherwise have had.

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by Anthony.V In reply to Thanks for giving it cons ...

I might be interested, do you have an email address I can reach you at?

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