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W2K3's DNS setting not work properly

By Jimmy Chan 1979 ·
Dear all,

First, here are my IP and the setting of the DNS Server, and the ISP's DNS IP:

Our DNS Server IP:
ISP's DNS Server IP:

I just very trouble of the DNS problems, and I don't know what is wrong ...

From Microsoft's technet document, it ask us build up DNS Server by setting the IP is same as the DNS Server itself under "TCP/IP --> Use the following DNS server addresses:"

So I setting the IP to

It look like working .. but after someday I reading the hMailServer's Sending e-mail log, I discovered many mail quot in it waiting to send out ..

Then I open DOS command and enter "nslookup" later enter "set type=mx" and enter the domain name of the waiting to send outside e-mail domain to see what response of the DNS ...

And I discovered while using the some domain name it can resolve and never get response ... but if I change the DNS Server under "TCP/IP --> Use the following DNS server addresses:" from to our ISP's DNS Server an do the nslookup again..

It can immediately response of the MX record .... so the e-mail can send outside ...

I am wonder, why using our DNS Server will can not get the response, but the ISP one can? I checked our firewall, have not block Port 53 TCP/UDP ...

And I am wonder, if the "TCP/IP --> Use the following DNS server addresses:" setted to using the ISP's DNS server not using ourself DNS Server, do it will have some bad effect???

And I discovered our DNS Server never can go to, but after change to using ISP's DNS server, can go to this web site..

Who can tell me what is wrong on our DNS Server's Setting?? It is not a AD Server, just same and single server using DNS, IIS, MySQL, hMailServer


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