W2k8s and wifi router

By ward0 ·

let me explain my situation :

I'm learning about servers in school for 2years now so i tought it was time to get my own server at home.

This is what i have :

W2k8S up and running
2 NIC's
wan : assigned by DHCP modem iSP provider
LAN : static IP)

My lan settings :

ip :
gw : none so far
DNS2 : none

the connection : Modem(isp) > NIC WAN

NIC LAN > wifi router

then the problems start

when i set my IP static on my laptop
gw: none

I can't ping from my server to host
I can't ping from my host to server

I can ping to my NIC loopback adress

Things i have tried :

placing a HUB instead of router : WORKED

PING host > server : worked
PING server > host : worked

adding to domain : failed
Reason : DNS problem

The connection that i want :

directly from NIC LAN to wifi router
NIC LAN > hub > wifi router if needid

Things that i'm going to do with the server :

server for HTPC storage
central auto. update
Terminal services
VPN to PDA(easy on the route GPRS)

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Routing issue

by timwalsh In reply to W2k8s and wifi router

1. You have turned your server into a router.

2. Unless your WIFI router can be placed in either bridged mode, or WAP only mode, it also is acting as a router and adding another layer of abstraction to deal with.

3. A router cannot use the same subnet on both its WAN and LAN links.

4. If you replace the WIFI router with a hub, then all connected computers are on the same subnet as your server LAN link. Thus you were able to communicate between the server and your laptop, because they were on the same subnet.

5. If connecting through the WIFI router either wirelessly or wired, all computers other than the server must be on the same subnet as the LAN link on the WIFI router. Your laptop had a manually configured IP address in a different subnet

Presumption: Since you could ping when connect through a hub, and not when connected through the WIFI router, my guess is the router is not configured for bridgeing, or WAP only mode. Therefore your manually configured IP address was in a different subnet than the subnet on the LAN link of the WIFI modem. Therefore, no communication.

GW Address: The purpose of a GW address is to tell a network adapter what link to use to get to the Internet. No GW address, no Internet connection. In the instance where your laptop was connected through a hub, your GW address should have been the LAN address on the server.

For computers connecting through the WIFI router, the GW address will be the LAN address on the router.

The GW address of the WIFI router WAN connection will be the LAN address of the server.

There is no GW address configured for the LAN link on the server, as no Internet connections are outbound through that link.

Hope this explains everything without getting long winded.

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If you want

by voldar In reply to W2k8s and wifi router

your setting to work, you should do the following:
> set the "daisy chain" as follows : MODEM > Router Wi-Fi > Server 2008
> the host connects through Wi-Fi to your network / router.

Now, about the gateway. In fact you dont need one if you only acces "things" in the same subnet. In your case, if you want to ping the host from the server in the subnet, you have no need of a gateway. But, if you want to go outside the subnet, you have to have a gateway, which should be your router IP (LAN) address. On the host and on the server you have to assign as DNS IP the same IP (LAN) of your router. If you want to create and test an AD domain, you should configure your Windows 2008 as a DC and DNS and use the IP (LAN) of your router as Forwarder, to access the internet from your subnet.

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