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W2KPRO STOP_ERROR only on restart

By ggjr ·
I am getting the Stop Error whenever I restart my W2KPRO which was an upgrade install over Win98se. The message is as follows:

I cannot find the driver that this messagae is referencing. Does anyone have any iideas.

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by dmiles In reply to W2KPRO STOP_ERROR only on ...

First go to start settings control panel then double click system then go to the hardware tab then click device manager now double click on the icon that says computer. Now right mouse click on what the computer drop down. It should be ACPI you be right mouse clicking on. once right mouse click then hit properties. then hit the driver tab. then click update driver. then select dislplay a list of known drivers. then hit show all hardware then select standard pc. once selected. and its added it should prompt to shut down and restart let it do it. Then once your back up Each item should have a different IRQ number and you will not have and irq conflict any more. But if it dosent change.

Then keep on and do this. go back to device manager and once again double click computer icon and then right mouse click standard pc and properties. now click the IRQ STEERING tab and uncheck Use IRQ steering make sure the boxes below are also uncheck. Now shut down computer.

Now open case up and and move sound card to a new slot. maybe pci slot #2 if you cant switch it to another slot or move something out and switch it around. Ok put case back on. and restart machine.
Once up go back to device manager. and click view and select resources by type and double click IRQ check to see if your sound card and video card are on different IRQs.

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by capbam In reply to W2KPRO STOP_ERROR only on ...

remove all devices and reset memory turn cache off in bios as well

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by Murray Brydon In reply to W2KPRO STOP_ERROR only on ...

Check your IDE cables as Win2000/XP pick up if you are using a 40pin IDE cable when you should be using an 80pin cable. Win 98 on the other hand would not pick this up. If you are using the correct cable then check that it is seated properly.

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by willcomp In reply to W2KPRO STOP_ERROR only on ...

Best possibility following an OS upgrade is an old Win9X driver that is not compatible with Win2K.

Win2K should have assessed system and provided a list of incompatible software and hardware (drivers). Were those removed prior to continuing Win2K upgrade? If not, problems are likely to arise.

Most likely candidates are sound card driver, any USB device driver (e.g. printer or scanner), video driver, and last, but certainly not least, CD burning software.

Is there any information past error message you provided in question, such as module name?


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by Balbir In reply to W2KPRO STOP_ERROR only on ...

Answer 1 won't help as it's not getting past the blue screen of death.
Try pressing F8 at start up to boot into safe mode.
If PC boots up, try to remove Win2k from add remove programs and restore your win98.Then check to see if
the hardware is compatible with win2k.

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by ggjr In reply to W2KPRO STOP_ERROR only on ...

Point value changed by question poster.
Someone wanted to know if there were any modules listed. The answer is no.
Someone mentioned that I couldn't past the blue screen of death. That is not entirely true. I can turn the machine off and do a restart. I do not get the Stop_error doing a restart. I only get the stop_error when I select restart from within Windows or after a program installation that automatically does a warm reboot.

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by ggjr In reply to W2KPRO STOP_ERROR only on ...

I won't get a chance to try out any of the solutions after 4/10. Thank you all for your suggestions. I will get back to you soon.

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