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w3wp.exe use 80% of CPU

By kobys ·
We have a simple web application ( running on windows 2003 server standard edition.
a few clients working with this application.

Often, we see that the w3wp.exe use 80% of the CPU and the clients unable to work.

My questions:
1. what can be the reason to it?
2. how can i prevent it?
Thank you

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by 3xp3rt In reply to w3wp.exe use 80% of CPU

One possible answer can be a virus or spyware infection. For eliminate this possibility check the system for spyware and virus. ( Boot in safe mode, or check online).
If the reason isn?t this, other think is a bad settings in application. (for example store the logout clients like connected).

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by Dr Dij In reply to w3wp.exe use 80% of CPU

a search for w3wp.exe shows it may be related to IIs, typically a bad .asp application takes up too many resources.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to w3wp.exe use 80% of CPU

Could be the reason: If your asp application interacts with a back end database on the same server any interaction between the client and the application and the backend database will cause heavy cpu and memory usage.

How to prevent it: A soulution to this would be to move your backend database for the application to another server or a san or nas.

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Windows product error

by mswart In reply to w3wp.exe use 80% of CPU

I know this is late but maybe this will help somebody out there, It is a product error of win 2003 server,this can be rectified by installing the latest service pack for server 2003

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by coveycraig In reply to Windows product error

Microsoft CLAIMS it fixes the error, but that's an error too. MS also lists versions of the file which are supposedly the correct ones; but not one of the four different versions I've received in service packs or installation CD/DVD matches any of those that MS lists.

Take the "fix" with a grain of salt.

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