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W95 shutdown

By dsiverson ·
Windows 95 will not shutdown - what now? There have not been any new devices added

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That's worse than not being able to turn it on. :)

by DC_GUY In reply to W95 shutdown

Describe what happens after you click Start and Shut Down. Nothing? What happens if you hit Control-Alt-Delete -- does it show a list of programs running? Can you force it down by hitting Control-Alt-Delete a second time?

I still run Windows 98 on my old non-Macintosh game-dedicated computer and sometimes the only way to turn it off is with the power switch. Is this an unrepaired defect inherited from Windows 95? Does this mean that XP may have bugs that are nine years old instead of merely six?

I tried solving my problem by buying an old W98-compatible version of Norton SystemWorks. The installation crashed unrecoverably and trashed a fair amount of my software including Norton AntiVirus that I already had and now don't. So I don't recommend that approach.

Does anybody know what the oldest unrepaired Windows defect is so far? Will some kind of award be presented when a defect becomes ten years old and still hasn't been caught and fixed?

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Good old 95

by jardinier In reply to W95 shutdown

While I have computers running almost every version of Windows from 3.1 to XP, my favourite was a 486 DX 100 running Windows 95. Sure it crashed from time to time, or wouldn't shut down, but overall I found it a very reliable computer. Regrettably I have had to update to Windows 98 because the anti-virus companies no long supprt 95.

The obvious solution to your problem would be a reformat and reinstall.

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