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w98 on pc with 80gb sata hd

By koko122333 ·
i would like to install w98 and xp on this new pc. can it be done?
and how. what do i need in order to install w98, as i know from pcs with
ide hd i need to install w98 1st than the xp. i would like to partision the hd to
2 part. 40 ech
appreciate your help. thank you in advance

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to w98 on pc with 80gb sata ...

If you have a a win98 start-up disk it is easy (in theory). In practice, first you need to make sure that the system recognizes the SATA in the Bios first. Believe me not all do. When the bios doesn't recognize the SATA you need to have third party drivers available on the win98 start-up disk.

Lets assume your ready to go...
1) boot the win98 start-up disk.
2) use fdisk to partition the hdd into 2 drives
** You may be advised to partition into 3 because both Win98 and XP have issues so a 3rd partition for data makes good sense. Win98 needs at least 800mb for itself and XP needs 1.2gb for itself as minums. **

3) reboot using the win98 startdisk and this time run format on the c: drive ( you can ignore the d:/e: drives if you made those partitions.
4) either run the cdrom win98 set-up or reboot using the win98 cdrom.
5) (opt) get a copy of saveboot and use it to save the partition info in case adding xp fails or down the road you need to recover win98 or xp.
6) after you have win98 set-up to your satisfaction reboot this time with the xp cdrom as boot media. Xp will see that win98 is present and allow you to put xp on an alternate drive (d:)
7) (opt) use saveboot again to save the config of the boot sector for the xp install.
your done.
9) if down the road you need to re-install win98 or XP you can use the saved boot images in sequence win98boot then xpboot to restore xp into operation after the re-install.


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by saihib In reply to w98 on pc with 80gb sata ...

Don't give Win98 a partition larger than 36 gigs. You're asking for trouble if you do. As you said, install Win98 first and then XP, not a big deal.

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by queen1 In reply to w98 on pc with 80gb sata ...

You can dual boot, BUT in reality XP likes to be alone.

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by youssifm In reply to w98 on pc with 80gb sata ...

and if win98se sees the hd, don't be shocked when it tells you it is 10gb, just partition it with percentage, act as if the number you see is 80

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