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W98 peer access to W2K domain mem share

By bgregg ·
I have what I thought would be a simple issue, but have not been able to find anything on it in books, the KB, online support groups etc.

I have a new w2k box that I originally set up as a member of my
peer to peer workgroup. I created shares, set up local accounts for
the other Windows98 pc's in the workgroup. I got the initial IPC$
password prompt when first attaching from the w98 pcs, and putting
in the password of the local account set up for that pc worked fine.

Now my w2k box has been installed in a NT domain. I had to set up
'local accounts' for the other w98 pcs that have users that log in
to a domain also (i.e. lsumc-master\johndoe), and they have no problem
with my shares. The few w98 pcs that don't log in to the domain still
have local accounts on my w2k box, but the IPC$ password prompt
pops up whenever I try to access my shares from the w98 box, and it
consistently says the password is not valid.

These peer local accounts on the w2k box use the same user id and password used to logon to the w98 box.

If you could provide some input into this dilemma, I would greatly appreciate it. I have to think that a peer w98 box should be able to access shares on a w2k box, whether it is part of the peer group or registered in an NT domain.

Thank You,
Bill Gregg

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W98 peer access to W2K domain mem share

by dcassat In reply to W98 peer access to W2K do ...

I would setup the user names on all workstations with the same user names and passwords on the local workstation as on the domain. If BGregg has a password of itwiz in the domain, he should have the same username on each and every workstation. Youmay need to delete the *.pwl files in the Windows directory of the win95/98 workstations so that you can reassign them properly when you login. I have had a myriad of problems in this area until I faced the fact the in a domain your token needs to be consistant among all participants that authenticate you. Does this help?

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W98 peer access to W2K domain mem share

by bgregg In reply to W98 peer access to W2K do ...

I have a sense of what you are saying, but there are several issues. First, these 'peer' w98 boxes are not associated with a user, and have logon ids and passwords that are not associated with any certain user, but only pertain to the w98 box. So I set up 'radiology1' with pass xxxxx. There is no such user in the domain, nor will any specific user in the domain logon to this pc. Second, domain passwords change monthly, and going around and changing the local login at these pcs would be quite a task. I am just trying to get a w98 peer to peer box with no connection to the domain to see shares on my w2k box that is registered on the domain. Thanks for your response though.

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