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W98SE Startup stop

By fidel.reyes ·
At home I am running Windows 98SE on an AMD 900 system, in the last type some changes have been done because security and Windows updates and ...
My problem is:
during the setup and after AUTOEXEC.BAT my system does stop for around 60 sec, no activities and it did not use to do it before
My question:
Where can I change it and why does it happens??

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by wazoo2 In reply to W98SE Startup stop

maybe this can be of any help.
Go to START, RUN, and type msconfig. Click OK, and a window will pop up where you can see all things that happen when you start up. You can uncheck the necesary things. A list of STARTUP programs and what they do can be found at I hope this will help you (it did help me)...

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by sgt_shultz In reply to W98SE Startup stop

i would use the startup option 'step by step confirmation' to try to see what was hanging up. something is trying to load and the file is gone, sounds like.
Restart your computer and tap the f8 key during startup. eventually you will get to the black screen Start Menu. Pick step by step confirmation and answer Y to all the steps, slowly, and see where it is getting hung. then you can reinstall the problem app (like Norton antivirus maybe) or remove the reference in system.ini, the startup folder or windows registry. hope this helps

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by fidel.reyes In reply to W98SE Startup stop

OK, lot of thanks to those people who try to help me, I just got some more information maybe it is usable at all, I heard from a programm called BLA (BootLog Analizer) and did try in my system, by looking (BLA just calculate the spended time in each setup process) at the entries I see following:
18.17 C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\MSDEX.EXE(000017BD) starting
18 seconds for the driver load!!
and then the funny item:
40.39 Initing esdi_506.pdr
40 seconds!!!
but what is "esdi_506.pdr?, and how can I change it??
lot of thanks in before

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by csmith In reply to W98SE Startup stop

The ESDI 506 Standard goes way back to the MFM hard drive days of the IBM PC XT.
Microsoft maintains and updates it, and today it supports modern IDE drives.
It is one of the basic files of the OS.

Now to your problem.
Usually when a security upgrade bogs a computer, there is not enough RAM installed,
or the Windows Disk Cache Manager has gone crazy, or there is not enough free hard disk space,
or the Windows memory manager has a problem, or some combination of the above, are the OS problems.

The other software sources of problems (This is a software upgrade problem.) are Viruses, badly written programs (called "incompatabilities"), and failures by the OS and application to properly upgrade files.(This includes loading older files over newer versions.)

I would start by downloading Cacheman from Cnet. (the parent of TechRepublic)
You can also get the free download from (The author)
Running this utility will provide you with an insight into where the problem might be.
(Your PC should use an 8 Meg disk cache, and have "minimize file swapping" enabled.)
This program includes a history graph program that can be set to graph various OS parameters, as well as RAM usage etc.
This makes troubleshooting easier.
There is also a setting to help with the Win98 512 problem.

Regards, Chris

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by Mark In reply to W98SE Startup stop

That is your hard disk driver and it is related to the same problem with the CDROM since they are both IDE devices. Make sure you rem out any CD Device Drivers in CONFIG.SYS and MSCDEX loadings in Autoexec.bat. Then find out what the chipset on the mainboard is and update it. It could be VIA, SIS, Intel, etc. Also check the chipset driver page for a separate IDE driver. Most of the time these days they are all in one, but check to be sure. If you still have trouble try disconnecting the CDROM drive to see if the problem disappears. If it does, check the drive jumper settings or replace the CDROM Drive. You may also try moving the CDROM to the other IDE Channel.

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by debian In reply to W98SE Startup stop

This link will give you full details and how to solve also

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