WAG54G2 Linksys Router

By sharq.66 ·
Can anyone tell me how shall i block users from accessing unwanted websites and downloads through WAG54G2 router...?

I have seen users going to unwanted websites to download softwares and lot of other things..

How shall i restrict them ?

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Not really

by TobiF In reply to WAG54G2 Linksys Router

This is a consumer product.
Don't expect it to do very much content filtering.

If you really want to control what your people is doing, then you'd need to put a proxy between them and the router (i.e. block access to internet for everyone except the proxy). Have a look at UNTANGLE, for instance.

A softer solution could be
Someone, who knows their ins and outs, can rather easily get around such a "politically crippled dns server", but it may be enough, depending on your situation.

You could also think of rolling out some kind of web-filter to each work station, but before doing that, make sure you'll be able to handle the maintenance of such a solution.

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Read the manual?

by seanferd In reply to WAG54G2 Linksys Router

Use Access Restrictions. All the info you need is available there, or at the support site.

Or use a service like OpenDNS.

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