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By efoster ·
I have am working at this company now over 4 years, Started at 44k with 33 locations, the head office, the data center, where I do mainly hardware support for which have 5 servers, I also do hard ware and software for a car dealership. I have had a pay increase of 7k to date.

As of this year I have 74 locations, the data center has also increase to 10 servers along with all the other responsibilities. I do believe that I am due a substantive compensation for the increase in work load. I thought that my boss would have offer a raise by now, but nothing.

I want to put a compensation proposal to together, however this I need help with.

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Some thoughts

by Tig2 In reply to wages compensation

There are a variety of salary calculators on the net. Choose three. Google "Salary Comparison" without the quotes.

Take the three results and define the mean for your area. Do not forget the impact of the Canadian Dollar becoming the equal of the American Dollar.

Also, set a mean for where you were versus where you are. You started 4 years ago with 33 locations and supporting 5 servers. What was the value of each location plus the servers? Now figure the value based on 74 locations and 10 servers. What is the "box support" value?

Think this through, you'll get what you need.

Good luck!

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The truth about increases

by technomore In reply to Some thoughts

Not to be disheartening but, its the deal you cut going in that matters. Most companies give 5% or less increases. Therefore you are probably in thier ball park. If you want to change it you need to find someone who willl pay more and show your compmny the offer. See if they will at least meet or exceed it. If not move on.

Good Luck!

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