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Wahhh! No IE9 for you, XP Users.

By robo_dev ·
I know, get a life, XP is ten years old, it's time to move on.

But I really like XP.

It just works.

I know XP inside and out, it's like a familiar old friend, a faithful companion, like a loyal dog that lies at your feet and greets you when you come home. So now I have to put XP out to pasture...let it die a sad death alone in the cold while the peppy and perky new Windows 7 OS takes it's place. (sob, sniff)

As you may already know, the fancy new Internet Explorer version 9 will not work on XP.

Whether making IE9 work on XP was an insurmountable technical hurdle for Microsoft, or whether this is their way of nudging XP towards the 'pages of history', I don't know.

Alas poor XP, I knew thee well....

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Its all about the nudging

by Slayer_ In reply to Wahhh! No IE9 for you, ...

I wouldn't be surprised if there are already hacked installers for IE9 to work on XP. Just like DX10 and 11 work fine on XP, its purely the installer that is stopping it.

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It is highly integrated with Win 7.

by seanferd In reply to Wahhh! No IE9 for you, ...

A version of 9, limited by the XP OS from the weirdness it brings to Vista/7, might actually not be bad. 8 isn't too awful if you turn off all the excess baggage.

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Quite frankly I'm glad

by Tink! In reply to Wahhh! No IE9 for you, ...

that there's no IE9 for us. Sheez, I just got used to IE8! We will, I'm sure, be using XP until each computer dies and is replaced by a new one, sans XP.

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Just as well

by LocoLobo In reply to Wahhh! No IE9 for you, ...

No reason to move yet. Either from XP, Office 2003 or ie8. Right now they're all compatible with others and work just fine. I realize that may change in the next few years. Until it does...

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Wahhh! Ð?еÑ? IE9 длÑ? ваÑ?, полÑ?зоваÑ?ели XP.

by Yuriano In reply to Wahhh! No IE9 for you, ...

?? ???? ?????? ?????? ???? ????????????, ?????????? ???? ?????????????????? ?????????? IE9 ?????? ?????? ?????? XP?
I'm still not sure whether you can download a new IE9 or not to XP?

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