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"Waiting for network to be ready..."

By bismack1 ·
So, I just had a wireless network installed in my apartment complex by AT&T. When I try to connect to it the box just says "waiting for network to be ready..." and searches for about five minuets to get a network address then give up and has limited or no connectivity.

When I first got my new laptop (with built in wireless) I would use my neighbors wireless network. It worked just fine but the laptop had nothing else worked properly. Toshiba sent me "downgrade" (though as whole I think that it is an upgrade" media to go back to XP if I thought it would be better. I got so sick of Vista sucking that I did eventually switch to XP. That is when the problem started. My neighbors network that had previously worked now just gave me the aforementioned error.

My wireless card works with my parent's network, the network at my school, and every other public Wi-Fi, but not with the networks at my apartment. I have spent days (not all at once but I do think that the cumulative time has been days) on trying to troubleshoot an fix the problem... :kopfwand: . Any ideas? Has anybody had this error before and figured out how to fix it? Any help you have to offer would give me no end to relief of frustration.

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Have you contacted AT&T?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to "Waiting for network to b ...

I'm confused.

You open by saying you had AT&T install wireless. Your previous problems with Vista are unrelated to XP's ability to connect to your new connection. Your inability to connect to your neighbor is also unrelated to your inability to connect to your new wireless. (We'll overlook the questionable legality of this practice.) Did AT&T do test your computer when they did the installation? You're paying them; call them.

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Clear things up

by bismack1 In reply to Have you contacted AT&T?

The legalities of this are not of any concern. The zoning for where I live is complicated and not really the issue. I wasn't there when AT&T installed the network so my computer didn't get tested. It took us a long time just to get AT&T to install the network to being with, I didn't want to wait for them to have to come out simply to test the computer (hence why I am asking you, maybe someone knows a quick fix with this particular error).

1. My wireless card successfully connected to my old neighbor's (house mate is the more accurate term so I will be using that from now on) network while I had vista. When I uninstalled Vista and in stalled XP the same wireless card could no longer connect to the network. Now giving me the error "waiting for network to be ready..." Something then is different between XP and Vista regarding the wireless cards and networking. I was hoping someone might know what that is and offer a fix.

2. My current wireless card will not connect to the new network and currently gives me the same error as when I was connecting to my previous house mate's network. I was never able to figure out how to connect to the old network. I was establishing a recreate-able pattern. If it is a consistent problem then the fix might be the same each time I get that error message.

Have you ever run into this problem before? "waiting for network to be ready..." then the computer cannot obtain an IP address.

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Your 'Neighbour'

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Clear things up

sussed you out.

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He didn't 'sus' me out

by bismack1 In reply to Your 'Neighbour'

He suggested it in the first place. Then he moved and we bought a new connection for the building.

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"The legalities of this are not of any concern."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Clear things up

Sure they are, if only because a large number of us won't help someone poach off a connection he or she isn't paying for.

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For Cryin' out loud

by bismack1 In reply to "The legalities of this a ...

Stop being so paranoid, I Live in a rectory (that is a building for the leadership of a church)and we share the internet (AT&T is fully aware of the setup, they saw the whole interior of the building when they installed it) but due to tax reasons there are multiple addresses for the same building. So each resident has a different address. As I said, the zoning for the building is complicated.

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So we're back to my original question: Have you contacted AT&T?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to For Cryin' out loud
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Unfortunately no

by bismack1 In reply to So we're back to my origi ...

I didn't realize I had the problem until sometime last week and have been out of town since. Hence why wanted to ask a few people online to see what they have experienced with this sort of error.

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by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Unfortunately no

something is not right here.

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