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Waiting on A+

By Kuryous1 ·
I've been informed that CompTIA is changing the A+ format beginning some time in the later part of 2003. I've been expecting it for some time and have told others to hold off testing until the changes take effect. Was this bad advice or should they go ahead and take the two tests if their ready.

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Comptia Policies

by Sullyman In reply to Waiting on A+

Comptia has always honoured A+ certs from whenever they were taken. My A+ was written in 98 and is still valid, so validitiy of the cert is not a question if they take it now. A+ is A+ no matter when you take the exam. The only time I told my students to hold off writing was if we were using curriculum that didn't map to the new exam. We would then get the new curriculum, and fill the knowledge gaps.


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I agree, Take it now

by dirk311 In reply to Comptia Policies

Which is harder learning 2 OS's or 3 OS's?

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Waiting on A+ comment.

by r.miller In reply to Waiting on A+

Just finished the A+ Certification myself. I've heard the new format is supposed to include WINXP. If they have been studying for it in the format it is in now and they think they are ready, tell them to take it now. If they wait, they will have tocontinue studies to include WINXP. Tell them I said good luck.

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Not Bad Advice

by mattaall In reply to Waiting on A+

That was not bad advice because the format isnt what matters with this cert. its your knowledge of the material, so if you take it this year or next, new format or old, you still have to know the same things.

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Take it now

by RknRlKid In reply to Waiting on A+

Personally, I would advise to take in before the changes. Past experience has shown that when the test objectives change, there is initially a huge upturn in failures because what you learned is not what is on the test.

I was one of the first to take the A+ with Windows 2000 on it. Almost everyone flunked the OS part because it was so unfamiliar. So, it does make a difference.

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