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Waiver/Policy for hardware purchased for out of office use

By Shepdog28 ·
I'm looking for a policy or waiver that I can use when employees are entrusted with computer equipment for home use. ie. notebooks.

The idea being that the employee would sign the document to acknowledge that the equipment does belong to the company, is to be used responsibly and is to be returned should they leave the company.

Can anyone provide me with some direction on where to find such a document?

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You nearly answered your own question!

by GuruOfDos In reply to Waiver/Policy for hardwar ...

Well, you were 75% there!

A very simple document is all that is required. headed paper, company address and all that malarkey...followed by a very simple declaration to the effect that

The equipment comprising

(space for descriptions, serial nos. etc)

is the property of

(blah blah blah)

and is lent to

(employee details)

for the purpose of


subject to the conditions that

(blah blah blah...insert conditions here)

for the period

(from) to (to)

or until employment is terminated.

I (employee) acknowledge receipt of above equipment and understand the terms and conditions under which it has been loaned.

(Perhaps a clause on responsibility for loss or damage)

Signed (employee) Dated (date)

Signed (manager) Dated (date)

For and On Behalf of (company name)

That's about it...just get the wording fine tuned, stipulate conditions of loan and clauses for return, penalties for damage or loss...

and Bob's your Uncle!

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Thank you

by Shepdog28 In reply to You nearly answered your ...

Sometimes we get too close to the forest and can't see the trees. I appreciate your reply and I will now create simple document for what I need.

I guess I was looking for something 'official' with a lot of disclaimers and such.

Thank you.

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by GuruOfDos In reply to Thank you

It is better to keep things clear, simple, straightforward and concise!

Here in the UK, we have an organisation called 'Campaign for Plain English'. Their aim is to get all the legal-sounding 'jargon' dropped from everything from utility bills to insurance policies and coerce companies into using 'plain English', which doesn't need a degree in law to decipher!

Even local government and central government are adopting 'Plain English'.

Why use a dozen words when half a dozen will do?

Give your employees half a page of simple 'contract' which they can understand at a glance. It will make life easier right the way round the board. :-)

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Belated thanks.

by Shepdog28 In reply to Sometimes

Reminds me of the old saying "I didn't have time to write you short note, so I wrote a long one" We are all guilty of trying to whip through things quickly - taking the time to communicate clearly isn't given enough credence. Thank you for your reply.

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You know....

by GuruOfDos In reply to Belated thanks.

Belated thanks are a hundred times better than no thanks at all!


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