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    Wake on LAN packets


    by brianmilke ·

    If I set up my firewall properly, and do not allow unauthorized packets through, would Microsoft still be able to get a “Wake on LAN” packet through and turn on my computer remotely?

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      by brianmilke ·

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      i would think so…

      by snuffy09 ·

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      if you correctly forward the port number to the computer you want to turn on. Is the computer your going to turn on going to have a firewall on it also?

      just asking… what WOL app are you using? i use “FUSION WOL” from time to time.

      make sure works on lan first

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      This smells…

      by jellimonsta ·

      In reply to Wake on LAN packets

      like homework. 😉

      The answer young grasshopper, is in the question. ;\

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      Smells more like a prankster ….

      by cg it ·

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      never understood why someone would waste their time sitting around thinking this stuff up.

      some people just never grow up…

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