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Wake on Lan - Successes or Failures?

By oskiller ·
I'm currently working on some things where we are looking at implementing Wake On Lan to handle patch management etc.

I've been doing some testing on systems, and the results have been disapppointing so far. We have systems which will wake, and some that will not (we can tell by looking at the NIC when it is powered off if it will wake or not). Some of the systems are almost identical except for a slight variation in the motherboard (865 vs Halyron 865). We can check the settings and verify that everything else looks identical.

What I would be interested in knowing is if you have implemented or tried to implement Wake On Lan, how well is it working or how badly did it flop?

Thanks in advance.

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works great for us

by CG IT In reply to Wake on Lan - Successes o ...

we use magic packet from AMD coupled with MSI motherboards [typically the KM4M ]that have wake on lan capabilities. We remotely shut down the workstations and then use magic packet to bring them back up.

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by info In reply to Wake on Lan - Successes o ...

Try RSHUT PRO tool to automate power management process -

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