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By Peggie ·
I can currently doing a research paper on Wal-mart web site. I need some details regardings to the web site, such as its project team members details, software and hardware used, the process of implementations, timing, resources etc. I need these details starting from 1996 till 2005.
Anyone got ideas where can I found these?

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by JamesRL In reply to development

Try calling Walmart?

You might also try or some of the other business magazine websites.

Do you know how to Google?

In my day we did paper using this ancient technology called books. We had card catalogues. We had libraries. We earned our degrees by doing the work.


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There you go again James

by jdclyde In reply to Ummmm...

Expecting people to work again. You really have a nasty habbit of that, you know. ;\

Today, taking college classes is about getting a grade instead of actually LEARNING anything for most students. It is a shame really. And presently going to school myself, I DO see this a lot.

But at least this guy didn't just join up today to get his homework done.

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I am not that kind

by Peggie In reply to There you go again James

I am REALLY not expecting people to work for me.
I have got many informations handy already from the web and even have contacted the company for it. But I really have difficulties in achieving those internal project details such as Staffing, Resources and the technologies decisions they have ever made... are really hard to find.
I know it is my job to research and I am very happy with my studies. If you are not willing to help, I really don't mind but Please don't post rubbish as it is really a waste of my time for reading it.

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by Jaqui In reply to I am not that kind

decision details, like technology decisions, resources etc are usually concidered confidential and will not be available.
staffing.. it in thier public library records and is a part of thier public policies.

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What grade level are you in???

by Gatorboy In reply to Peggie,

I only ask this because your English and Grammar are terrible. It sounds like you are in 4th grade!

"informations"?? That's a double-plural.

"where I can found these?" Past-tense doesn't belong in there. It's either "where I can find these?" or "where I can find this?"

"and even have contacted..." Are you sure you don't mean "and have even contacted..."??

"But I really have difficulties.." I think you mean "But I am really having difficulties..."

"technologies decisions"? another KIND of double-plural. Try "Technology decisions"

"Please don't post rubbish"? What you are posting IS rubbish. If you can't use common sense to figure out that what you are asking is "Company Confidential" and can only be obtained through an attorney, then you are crazy. Simple as that.

"as it is a waste of my time..." HOW BOLD OF YOU! Activate your brain first, then speak, before you waste our time, you pompous brat!

Better luck to you in your next life.
Have a nice day. :)

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The required information

by jdclyde In reply to I am not that kind

While you sit back and put forth your own "rubbish", I feel that MY post was actually well thought out and acurate. I have seen this before and am sure I will see this again.

Sorry to have wasted your time with a post that didn't spoon feed you your homework assignment.

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