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    WALKair 3000 Ethernet Link failure


    by pita_ruben ·

    Hi Guys, hope you OK.

    I have the following issue, I have an WALKair 3000 radio which I need to connect to my switch Cisco Catalyst 2950 using one of the two Ethernet port in the radio but the port led remain amber and never make the switch to green,so the connection never get established.When I connect my laptop or the firewall the link is OK and I get the service. If I verify my firewall connection it says that is connected 100M/Full Duplex.

    Troubleshooting: I have changed patch cords, used cross cables and straight,the ports all are configured auto but I had change the setting manually to 10, 100, full, half, everything and still can get the radio to connect to the switch.

    I need to connect it to the switch because I need to manage several public IPs.

    Thank you so much for your support.


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