Wallpaper change shows in display properties - but not on desktop

By Wysocki ·
My XP-sp3 computer runs an app (smartwallpaper) that changes my wallpaper to a new pic every minute. Lately, even though the app creates a new wallpaper.bmp file in the \windows folder every minute, the desktop display doesn't change. If I look at display properties, the desktop tab DOES show the new image. If I change position to center or stretch and then APPLY, the new image appears on the desktop. I've scanned for virus/malware. Why doesn't the desktop refresh with the current wallpaper.bmp image?

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by scott_heath In reply to Wallpaper change shows in ...

I found a link online (I closed the windows without copying the URL) that suggested it was a damaged key somewhere that resolved by setting Windows back to the default theme, then changing the settings back to the way you want them. I suggest saving your settings as a theme once it is working right.


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Nope, changing the theme didn't fix it.

by Wysocki In reply to Idea...

I selected the XP theme, restarted, made some changes (stretch instead of center) and saved it as my custom theme. But the problem still exists. My desktop background is set to "wallpaper" and the image is from c:\windows\wallpaper.bmp but if the image is changed, the desktop does not refresh. If I do a manual refresh of the desktop (F5) then the current bmp file refreshes the screen, but it used to happen automatically. I wonder if there's somewhere that I can get a detailed explanation of how the wallpaper is displayed? Also, I wonder what situations would cause the desktop to be automatically refreshed?

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