Wallpaper not removed from Terminal services.

By GSSup ·
When Terminal Services users connect they get the active desktop wallpaper despite "Enforce Removeal of Remote Desktop Wallpaper " being enabled in group policies.

Any help would be grateful.

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TS wallpaper

by zzz99zzz In reply to Wallpaper not removed fro ...

My problem is the other way - I want a corporate logo & can't get anything! :)

But in trying, I found that I need the active desktop to be enabled, which in turn needs the theme service to be running. And you would need the opposite.

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TS wallpaper

by GSSup In reply to TS wallpaper

Try disabling Acive Desktop with no luck. I have found this problem is not just with TS as the same happens when I use RealVNC and LogMeIn. They have a remove wallpaper feature too but GP is still forcing the wallpaper. Is there a way to apply a wallpaper without forcing one using GP.

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We used Regedit

by XT John In reply to TS wallpaper

on the Terminal servers to remove the wallpaper. When clients were logging in, they would see a Dell splash screen while Windows 2003 was loading. I can't give credit to the original author, since it was a couple of years ago:

*** Please note that editing the registry can be dangerous and it is on your own risk! ***

To get rid of the image, just delete the following registry key.

My Computer\HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\Wallpaper

The value of that key should be something similar to


Just delete this registry key and restart your server and the next
time you login you will not see this image.

Alternately, you may be able to replace the image file with one of your own. Hope that helps :)

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