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WAN connection Needs

By bonmic69 ·
I was wondering what kind of WAN connection or lease lines I would need to connect three different branch offices with approximately 700 workstations among the three branches. And the WAN line for all public services such as video streaming as the companies primary public service. And web site getting about one million hits a day.
If anyone has any idea of what line or kbps connection I should use please let me know

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by Bobsta In reply to WAN connection Needs

T1, if you can afford it.
Otherwise you're gonna have'to investigate Wireless Solutons which is also very costly. The cheapest solution would probably be ISDN, that'll give you about 128Kps of bandwidth.
You should estimate bandwidth needed first and then ask the Question of what line will give you the required bandwidth.

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by Oldefar In reply to WAN connection Needs

I am guessing this has become some sort of a standard exercise for technology students - a similar question was asked of me by a student in Singapore.

Bandwidth requirements are determined first by business objectives, then business requirements, then technical objectives. The technical objectives determine the applications, the applications define the bandwidth needs per user, and then the user count and location drives the specific bandwidths.

The WAN design will also be impacted by security issues. The public service video streaming and Web site may be better served with a hosted solution seperate from the company Intranet, for example. Access to the hosted site might be limited to a very few employees or platforms that need to interact with the hosted platform for content control or other support. Internet access might not be a requirement at all for the company on a per user basis, or may be needed for every employee.

Availability is another issue. The cost of bandwidth varies widely geographically. Optimizing bandwidth usage is not always cost effective. Like storage and memory on workstations, costs can come down to where efficiency of code means less than time to market.

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by Oldefar In reply to

If this is school initiative rather than a class project, go to for assistance from your Pennsylvania e-education committee.

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