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WAN File Replication

By jmiller ·
I have a rather large folder (2GB) that resides on one side of my WAN connected by a T1. The people on the other side experience the performance lose of course when accessing this folder. How could I have the folder located on severs on each side of the WAN so that the other side could have local access and ensure data integrity while not significantly increasing WAN traffic?



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WAN File Replication

by agibbs In reply to WAN File Replication

Wow, big folder. The directory replication service in Windows NT may work for this -- it all depends on how you are using the data and how large the individual files in the folder are. If both ends (remote and local) are modifying the data, look elsewhere -- the NT REPL service will replicate data only one way. I don't know where to find any, but I know there's plenty of third-party replication software out there. If only the local side was modifying data, and the other side of your T1 needed read access only, I'd go with the NT REPL service.


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WAN File Replication

by jmiller In reply to WAN File Replication
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WAN File Replication

by McKayTech In reply to WAN File Replication

If you're running Exchange, you could set it up as a public folder with a replicated copy on each side. If this is a relatively static folder, the WAN traffic due to replication would be modest and could be scheduled off-hours.

If the contents of this folder change frequently, the WAN replication traffic might exceed the normal traffic associated with using it across the WAN.

You can also use Directory Replication and schedule the updates to occur off-hours if the data doesn't have to beupdated in real-time.


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