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WAN Implementation - Links and Bandwidth

By powder21 ·
I am currently working on my final project for my Associates Degree in Networking and I need some help with deciding what type of links to go with and what my bandwidth needs may be. I already have a design in mind but it may be too much.

First, some details...
There is one central office and four remote offices each within about 10 miles of the central office.

The CO will contain the DC, Web Server, and Application Servers accessed by the ROs. Part of what will be hosted on these servers is medical management software and a patient database.

There will be 75 workstations total. 15 at the CO, 12 at each RO, and 12 Notebooks which can access any of the RO LANs at any given time. All of these require high speed internet access.

We have also chosen to use a hosted IP PBX system with about 51 phones on the network ranging from 7-14 at each office.

We want to place one FiOS (50Mbps/20Mbps) internet connection at the CO and filter it to the ROs. With all of this, I'm assuming a lot of data traffic on the WAN links. I was planning on a hub and spoke config with a dedicated (leased) DS3 line connecting each RO to the CO (that's 4 DS3 lines). I was figuring that this MIGHT be enough to allow all users high speed internet from the one internet connection, provide for the IP Telephony needs, and have enough left over for internal traffic.

1. Is this too much or too little?
2. Would frame-relay be a better option?
3. Will I require FiOS at each location instead of just one?

Budget constraints are not a big issue here and remember that the sites connected by WAN are only 10 miles apart. I also need some redundant connectivity and was thinking about backup ISDN lines for each WAN link. I would REALLY appreciate your thoughts. Thanks you.

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by powder21 In reply to WAN Implementation - Link ...

I realized that this should have been placed in the "questions" section of the forum. I have recently posted it there and contacted support about removing this post. I hope I am not dinged for double posting.

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