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Hi Everyone.

Just a quick question, I have just started work at a new company and i have been given no information what so ever, what is the best way to find out about the WAN i need to know what connects to where IP addresses Circuit ID's Router information


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thats going to take some time....

by ---TK--- In reply to WAN Information

I would first follow the wires to the switch, then to the router.... Find out as much as as you can about the hardware thats in place... then find manuals about the hardware... you can run a tracert in cmd... that will give you alot of information along with IP's... scan the network with IP tools (in general)... alot of the IP tools you can set it to scan ip ranges... also "ipconfig /all" gives alot of information... "net view" is good too.... Im not sure what your knowledge level is so this are just the basics... not trying to insult you or anything... Learn about Custom subnets that will give help a ton too.... If you can get in to the Domain controller, that will show everything.... hopefully this helps...

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some advice

by Gate keeper In reply to WAN Information

I've been in a similar spot in the past, luckily everything was set up properly so i did not have to change anything .. just find out what was connected to what and what machine was used for what purpose

I used some network scanning tools that draw a graphical map of the network. "the Dude" or spiceworks are good ones that are both free.

there are a bunch of other tools out there that can give you detailed info on what is connected to your network.

following the wiring is not easy if your racks are not very neatly organized ... it wil be tough untill you sort everything out and how it is all connected .. best of luck

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