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Putting out fires!

by timdockins In reply to Wanderings of a Divine Mi ...

<p>Wonderful!  The day starts out with the usual Monday-morning rushing about, but it didn't stop there.  Many users were complaining of not being able to log-in to the old Novell system (won't be around much longer so don't ask).  After the second-one complained before I could get to the first one, I suspected that server didn't reboot after last nights power outage.  So, I went to check and, sure enough, it wasn't powered on.  So, I pushed the button on the front and got nothing.  I checked the power cords and made sure they were plugged in and that the light on the surge protector was showing good.</p>
<p>So, sometimes, on some of these boxes, the power supply has it's own power switch.  Sometimes, after a power outage, you have to toggle off and back on.  Well, I toggled off and waited for a sec.  Then, I toggled it on.  </p>
<p>Snap!  Pop!  Poof!  Zaaaaaap!  After a little fireworks show, smoke and a bit of an electrical shock, I reached down and powered the surge prot. off.  Smoke wafted in the air from the back of the departmental server.</p>
<p>What a way to start a week!  Fortunately, I just changed the power supply and we were back up and running., what a way to start a week!</p>

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