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Wanna Be CIO

By parvez2z ·
Wannabe CIO
Hello Every one

I am SAP Technical Consultant, with 3 Years real time experience. And my current age is 28years. I am holding masters in computer applications and know how on almost all technologies of computers.

My Question :
By the time i turn 32Years i want to see myself as an working CIO though not in a Big MNC, but alteast in a midsize company. Can any one suggest what all the necessary certifications or any extra degress i need to hold. My current work environment is of a supporting and administration of SAP systems. And the certification i am looking forward which can land me into such position is CISA, CISM, ITIL, PMP and doing other modules like CRM, SRM.

Any suggestions provided is highly appreciated.

Thanking in advance.

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I'm a bit confused

by Tig2 In reply to Wanna Be CIO

You posted this yesterday in questions. I happen to know
that you also received at least one reasonable answer.
Why again in discussions?

If you are looking for dialogue, visit this thread back and
ask any questions you might have of the respondents.
That is the best way to let us know that you are looking
for direction and not just opening random threads- that
happens a lot in forums.

I received an email from you this morning. You want to
know what kind of business points you would need in
addition to your technical knowledge. That is tough to
answer as there is nothing specific that I can point you to
but can say that you MUST understand business operation
in order to reach the C level. At the CIO level, your job is
really to guide strategic IT direction and that MUST align
with business goals and strategy.

Security is also a great thing to know but CISA and CISM
are really certs for the hands on Security guru. CISSP and
other security certs as offered by ISC are also great and
more broadly based.

IT management is a broad arena. As I suggested to you
before, seek out mentors and network with people already
in the positions that you want to be in. Learn from them
how they moved up. There are great resources in SAP.
Find them and learn from them.

Good luck!

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You want to be a CIO with only seven years experience?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Wanna Be CIO

Dude, get real. You've got three years experience with SAP and want to be a CIO in another four years? Nobody is going to hire a CIO with only seven years experience.

Go back and work on a Master in Business Administration. Do you have any leadership experience, such as supervising others, setting goals, developing an annual budget, creating and enforcing policies, selecting vendors, or negotiating contracts?

I admire your desire to advance quickly, but you're not going to be ready to tackle this job for at least a decade. Why have you set this unrealistic timetable? For that matter, why have you selected being a CIO as your goal?

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arrrghh.... Can't be, but...

by dawgit In reply to Wanna Be CIO

If you're in M?nchen, you <i>should</i> already be reading "Computerwoche". In particular the columns; Menschen, CW-Ticker (Wirtschaft in K?rze), IT-Strategien, IT-Services, and of course, Job & Karriere. (in fact, just read the whole thing.) It's published by IDG Business Media GmbH. Which just happens to be in M?nchen. They also publish a magazine called ?CIO?, which could be real good start. Of course I'm sure that you know CIO is management. And that entails more than just I's and 0's. You'll also have to know those pesky little details concerning Compliance Regulations. Language (spoken) skills are of paramount importance. (that's a hint- Improve your English. It's <i>all</i> in English in the Business World, as well as the IT World.) Since you mentioned ?SAP?, maybe you should consider shooting for CFO. (of course all the above still apply.) If you're truly serious however, You should be working on your Doctor Arbeit, and get you'll need to get something published yourself. (not a requirement, but it will help) Good luck to you, at least you have ambition. -d

@ Tigger... you're not the only one confused. -d

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Thank You

by parvez2z In reply to Wanna Be CIO

Hello all

Thanks for your valuable inputs.

Palmetto - Yes it is possible to become CIO with just 7Years experience. It takes 2things a perfect planning, And being at the right place at right time.


Collapse - be young and ambitous...

by Forum Surfer In reply to Wanna Be CIO

How about this? Life is too short, so go out and meet a good woman. Have kids and set ambitions that being a good husband and a good father.

Sorry...I'm currently basking in afterglow and can't think on the business I had to give a warm fuzzy answer lol.


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Now would that "<i>Warm Fuzzy</i>"...

by dawgit In reply to be young and am ...

...Be meaning a "<i>Congratulations</i>" is in order? Well? ? -d

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