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Want IT workers opinions on what job to take

By jeff.mahan ·
I have been looking to get the first IT job for about 4 months now and I have only gotten a few interviews. Now in the last 4 days I have had two interviews and two offers. The pay is almost identical but the overall compensation package is much better at place A vs place B. You may be asking why this is a hard decision but I will explain further. Place A is currenlty set up to be a 1 year position to help them get through a merger where place B is full time. I would be doing hands on in place A where place B would be primarly help desk level two. Place B is also a bigger name company. If I am using this job as a stepping stone to get that IT job on my resume to get experience would working for a larger company in help desk look more impressive, or working in the field doing hands on activites look better. I am looking for whatever insight that workers or hiring managers currently in the IT field can give me!

Thanks in advance!

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jobs, jobs and choosing between them

by rob mekel In reply to Want IT workers opinions ...

Hi Jeff,

It doesn't matter what IT/hiring managers think. Most important is what YOU want to do in IT and what type of person you are.

As you say place A will be "doing hands on" it looks to me like you are being told what to do, no more no less. As place B, help desk level 2, will be more on scripting and your own instincts about the issues brought to you (or even go beyond that and think about how the company(IT-department) can develop).

But then as place A is undergoing a merger that, maybe, gives opportunity's to develop other skills from where they could ask you to stay.

What will kill your CV is a young/starting IT-person that doesn't want to develop himself.
So staying on either company not growing into new jobs is most likely not the thing to do.

So ask yourself: Where do I have the most opportunity to develop my skills. That will be the place to work.

Hope it works out fine for you.


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