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Want Points? TR Trivia #1

By admin ·
Date: 10/10/01 12:49 PM EDT
Status: Unanswered
Points: 1000

TR trivia #1
#1 Who created PERL and why was it named thus?

#2 Inside an original Mac, what are there 47 of?

#3 Who created the Internet Worm?

Please answer all three. This contest will end on 19 October, 2001. You must answer all three correctly to recieve points.

I hope you enjoy the fun :)

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Sharing points...

by admin In reply to Want Points? TR Trivia ...

This seemed obvious, but everyone that has all three answers correct will share the points after it closes at 12:00 noon, Mountain Time USA on October 19th :>


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But if I post my answers here...

by eBob In reply to Sharing points...

OK, here's a stab at the answers:

1 - Sara Miller created PERL and it stands for "yy56dhdy4/44fL" (the secret code to get into computer screen!)

2 - There are 47 CCs of air inside every original Mac (coincidentally exactly the same volume as resides between the ears of `babygrl282`, or whatever it's handle is today)

3 - Meshy Shenky (that was too obvious ol' friend!)

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by admin In reply to But if I post my answers ...
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I'm REALLY Sorry!

by SyscoKid In reply to Sharing points...

I saw the Q&A and posted the answers there before I saw this discussion. I guess you wanted the answers posted here, so you could share points or something? I'm REALLY sorry, man!

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Well....we'll see how this goes....

by admin In reply to I'm REALLY Sorry!

Trying to make a fair spirited trivia contest out of the available tools here could be backfiring..... I did intend for the answers to go in the Q&A though :>

Hey, it's all in fun, and hopefully it'll get better as it goes along :)

If anyone has ideas to make TR trivia #2 more fun, intuitive, and fair etc... please let me know.

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by SyscoKid In reply to Well....we'll see how thi ...

OK, glad I didn't mess you up. You're right, this format is really limiting.

Maybe to make it more fair, people could email answers to you, then you could post a comment with the names of the people with correct answers; then those people couldpost their answers to the question to receive points?

Basically, once someone posts a correct answer to either Discussions or Q&A, you have no way of knowing if other people came up with it independently or are just copying the first correct answer. Incorporating email would eliminate that glitch.

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E-mail sounds viable...

by admin In reply to Whew!

I also wondered if it would work better as multiple choice, or if points should be awarded in catagories like "Most Creative" or "Extra Obscure Info" or something.

I kind of hate to close a question immediately after the first correct answer, butthen maybe I need to chose harder questions then :>

If anyone wants to submit a really hard question, let me know :>

I think I messed myself up this first run, actually :) heheheee

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You could

by LordInfidel In reply to Well....we'll see how thi ...

Use the discussion location as a pointer to the Q&A question.

Also specify NOT to post the answers here in the discussion area.

Disclaimer... Answers are rated on first come first serve basis

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by molly In reply to Want Points? TR Trivia ...

PERL was created by Larry Wall. It stands for Practical Extracting & Reporting Language.

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by admin In reply to Want Points? TR Trivia ...

To all of you that e-mailed me or posted!

I will be modifying the next contest, but with this one I'm sticking by the rules I started with to be fair, so, if you want points, please post your answers to all three in the Q&A and thanks for playing!


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