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Want to boot from windows XP Cd...won't. Stuck on Verifying DMI Pool Data

By KKmu ·
I am not very computer savvy so please try to dumb down your posts. :)

My brother just gave me his old gaming computer. All I had to do was put my hard drive in it from my old computer. I put in my Windows XP CD because i need to install it and told BIOS to boot from it (1st priority) but it isn't. It goes to the 'Verifying DMI Pool Data' screen and stays on that screen.

I have no idea what to do now. Thanks.

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Couple of ideas

by robo_dev In reply to Want to boot from windows ...

This error message occurs when system could not verify the DMI pool data that it requires to start the system. Below are the reasons that could cause this behavior:

* System contains corrupted boot files
* System is trying to boot from a removable media
* Not setting the boot devices properly
* Incorrect settings of hard disk
* Loosely connected hard disk
* Corrupted BIOS
* Hard disk damaged

First thing I would do is power down, remove your hard drive, and see if it will boot the windows CD with no hard drive installed.

Be sure to reset the BIOS to factory defaults.

Make sure all cables are properly seated and power cables to drives are attached.

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Reponse To Answer

by KKmu In reply to Couple of ideas

I tried each of those things. Without the hard drive, it still did the same thing. Im starting to think there's something with my CD drive or something.
All the cables seem to be in place properly.

Thank you for your help.

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Then next try removing the CD drive

by robo_dev In reply to Want to boot from windows ...

It won't boot with no CD drive, but at least you should be able to get past the BIOS DMI error.

Also make sure you did not knock the video card crooked in it's slot, or the ram...or basically anything that plugs into the mobo. Be sure no USB things are plugged in, except for the keyboard, as the PC may be trying to boot from that. I have a PC that gets stuck on booting if a USB printer is plugged in.

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Reponse To Answer

by KKmu In reply to Then next try removing th ...

I unplugged the cords connecting to the CD drive....computer got stuck at the same screen. I also double checked to make sure everything around the mobo was plugged in. I am good to go there too. it seems I cannot avoid this DMI screen!

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Well then I suppose the obvious thing to do is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Want to boot from windows ...

Return the computer to the way that it was when you got it and see if it starts now. You don't need a HDD in it to see if it POST's.

If it doesn't POST without your HDD in it you have to look at what's going on here and the most likely is RAM so I would reduce it to 1 RAM Module and try again. Continue doing this till it's either reduced to nothing or it's working.

When you get it POSTing you can start adding things one at a time till it stops and then you have got the faulty bit of equipment.

Also if there are any Plug in cards in the Expansion Sockets other than the Video Card it might pay to remove those as they could be the problem.

Also if you can open the BIOS and make sure that it's correctly set. if it's been left for a while unplugged the BIOS Battery could have gone flat and be giving some screwy settings in BIOS causing the problem. Replacing the BIOS Battery never hurts either.


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