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Want to by windows 95

By steve.siljestrom ·
I have a 3 year old Compaq Presario 4122
that is used for special needs. It came with windows 95 and I loaded 98 on a year ago and it ran like the old IBM AT's. Tried to reload 95 from backup diskettes and the system iwll not not boot.

Want to get windows 95 running again but stores, compaqy and microsoft does not have software.
Any suggesstions where I can get windows 95.


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Online Auctions and PC Shows

by eBob In reply to Want to by windows 95

I have seen Win95 for sale, real cheap, at various on-line auctions.

Also, in "delete bins" at the local "National Computer Show" (you know - the ones where you can often get great deals on hardware, etc.).

2 Problems:
- this is likely to be"grey market"
- you will have to dig through the auctions/bins

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Try this

by MC_User In reply to Want to by windows 95

I use a site called It has the the boot disk images for lots of older OS's. Also a whole lot of freeware utilities.

I'm not absolutely sure about this, but, if you have a legal copy of Windows NT server then you may want to look into it. I believe there is a full and legal W95 license that is included with the NT server software. The installation software should be on a CD that is included with the server bundle.

I'm not sure if it is there for NT workstation.

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to get win95

by joemaldonado3 In reply to Want to by windows 95

it's not too hard to get win95. i seen it in flea markets, or you can get one via the network route... just follow proper protocol for its use.... unfortunately, it maybe necessary to fdisk or format the drive and reinstall from the scratch (ouch!).

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by gldnugget In reply to to get win95

go to any warez site. (Or do a search for 'warez' in any search engine.
Be sure to scan the download for viruses. You can usually get a product key (CD key) from the same places.

MS should be giving away these old OS's. instead they will try tocharge full price for them, if you can find them at all.

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software source

by petemcc In reply to Want to by windows 95

has Windows 95 OSR 2.1 for $24

Windows 95 OSR 2.5 Full DSP for $50,
plus shipping.

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Win95 for Compaq

by rowlam In reply to Want to by windows 95

Here, is a site that does sell Win95,

Hope this helps for you, if not let me know. I still have Win95A on floppy, yes all 14 of them.


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