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    Want to go back for a B.S. degree, but which one suits me?


    by wayne62682 ·

    Hello, all.

    I am a self-taught developer with an Associates in Network Administration. I have 3 years as a programmer using .NET (both VB and C#) under my belt, and I am familiar with most design principles. I regularly read blogs and try to keep up to date on new things in the world of software development. However, I’m realizing that my resume might be severely limited by the fact I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree, and as a result I’m considering going back to school to finish one; I would need to take about a year’s worth of general education requirements prior to getting into the Bachelor’s program, since my A.S. degree didn’t require a lot of gen ed stuff and I’m behind on that front.

    The problem is, I’m not sure which type of degree to pursue. I’m aware of three options:

    1) Computer Science – Given that I’m a programmer, this would be the obvious choice. However, I am absolutely terrible at math (the last math class I took was College Algebra, and I failed it miserably. For an idea of how bad, I didn’t even take the final exam because even if I got 100 on it [never happen, anyway] I would have still failed the course). For a CS degree I would need College Algebra -> Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus -> Calculus I -> Calculus II, plus a few others (Discrete Math I/II?). Even the “Information Systems” variant (i.e. less theory, more application) requires pretty much the same thing (I think only one of Calculus and Discrete Math, instead of two). I’m just not sure I could do this by any reasonable stretch.

    2) Management Information Systems – I like this one because it merges business and technology disciplines, but the focus is generalized and not strictly on programming (programming is touched upon, but there’s also networking and database design courses. Not as much math (only Calculus I, and just regular Calc, not Engineering Calc like the CS program), and a more well-rounded degree, but not really suited to a “programmer”, but a Business Analyst type role instead (which is actually something that interests me a great deal)

    3) Business Administration – The old standby; since I already have worked professionally as a programmer, it might be a logical choice to go for the business end of things to help keep myself well-rounded, as well as providing the business foundations to move forward towards a management position. The main downside is that it is the “default” degree; i.e. everyone and their mother has one, so nothing sets me apart from anyone else in the eyes of a prospective employer.

    Ideally I’d like to move to a management position at some point in the future. I made the mistake of getting my A.S. degree from a no-name, non-accredited school, and I want to try and avoid that for the Bachelor’s (e.g. I don’t want something from University of Phoenix because it has a bad rep despite being accredited). Any advice on this would greatly be appreciated.

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