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Want to have some KEYPAD FUN?

By fadbel ·
Regarding the "EASY" way to enter special characters using "ALT+ some kepad sequence", you might want to play the "Special Character Game"!
Open Word or Wordpad or Write (those support Graphics as well) and select a font, say WINGDINGS. Set the size to 10-14 points and then, with your cursor located where you want to start, start using a sequence of entries starting with ALT+0001 (make sure that all numerical sequences are 4 characters) and progressing through ALT+0002 ... ALT+0172, etc.
As you lift the ALT key, you may be surprised at what shows up.
Enjoy...and maybe this will prove useful if you type in the sequence you used to get the characters you chose and DON'T FORGET TO SAVE TO DOCUMENT!
Try this with your standard fonts so you can tell what you'd get with specific keystrokes.

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Has everyone forgotten CHARMAP ??

by bschaettle In reply to Want to have some KEYPAD ...

CHARMAP is a font-viewing utility that has been bundled with Windows for as long as I can remember, and it seems NO ONE knows about it. It will show all the standard and extended characters associated with a font, as well as the corresponding codes.

Just click on
then type "charmap" and press ENTER.

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CHARMAP is what this whole discussion is about

by fadbel In reply to Has everyone forgotten CH ...

What I was implying is, not every character in CharMap is easily reproduceable with the keypad. For some, such as the Hex notations, you have to do conversions.
I, for one, include CharMap in my "Quick-Start" menu.

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