Want to hook two residential networks together

By Slayer_ ·
I want to hook up my houses network to my parents network (when needed). Is there a way I can do this with VPN or something. Both houses only have consumer routers.

I am running XP Pro (and have a Win98 server if that's helpful) and my folks run XP Home.

I want to do this to get around VNC's bad exterior security, I also want to so that the global drives are still accessible. This why my folks can still watch the movies I download. I intend to write a program that will transfer these movies to their own local machine, but it would be far better if I could use a network transfer rather than FTP or HTTP.

Thumbs for all helpful posts!

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well if the routers support SSL VPN

by CG IT In reply to Want to hook two resident ...

you simply set that up on the router. Then you simply VPN to the router and volia! your on the remote network.

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Got any good and free VPN program?

by Slayer_ In reply to well if the routers suppo ...
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well XP has a VPN connector but if the routers support SSL

by CG IT In reply to Got any good and free VPN ...

no need for VPN.

but if your router only supports VPN, then just create a VPN connection in network connections. the problem with VPN and SSL is you will always need the remote networks public address. Since 99.9% of home networks are dynamic addressing, the public address will change.

as another mentions, you could use logmein which isn't dependent upon knowing the public address.

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Actually our public address stays the same

by Slayer_ In reply to well XP has a VPN connec ...

It gets a DHCP lease time based on Mac address from the ISP. It seems about every 6 months or so it changes.

But your saying most of what I need should be in the routers? If the router settings were setup that way, wouldn't it be a permanent VPN with no (easy)way to turn it off? If that was the case, wouldn't my folks network basically be using the internet, to lob over to my side, to then use the internet?

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actually SSL is not actually VPN it's web based

by CG IT In reply to Actually our public addre ...

and you setup accounts to log on to the router. That gives you local network access.

special note: this is NOT remote admin of the router, rather remote access to the network via SSL.

Some routers have this option, some don't. Didn't read which routers you have.

I do know that the some models of linksys have SSL access.

The other thing is that only with Endpoint VPN is the connection persistent. Allowing VPN connection on the remote router only establishes the connection for as long as the client session lasts. Once the client ends the session, tunnel is closed.

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Adito: OpenSSL

by robo_dev In reply to Got any good and free VPN ...

This product works great, been using it for years.

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Different ways, depending on your needs...

by TobiF In reply to Want to hook two resident ...

Depending on what you want to do, there are different things that can be done.

You could get a neat solution, if your consumer routers happen to support alternative software (like openWRT, dd-wrt etc), note that you may need a version with support for some type of VPN server and/or client.

If you mostly need this for support within the family, then Logmein free can be useful.

You might, also have a look at Hamachi. Maybe there are some similar solutions based on Teredo available, I don't know.

OpenVPN could be set up on a computer to have it function as host and/or client in a VPN connection. (for this to work, you may need to use DMZ or port forwarding for incoming connections to get through the router.)

The XP pro can function as a host for RDP. The XP home has a built-in client.

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This is primarily for support

by Slayer_ In reply to Different ways, depending ...

VNC is pretty insecure, so I'd rather use a VPN, then VNC.

So OpenVPN could be installed on my Win98 machine, and it could be the host???

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I was more thinking of XP

by TobiF In reply to This is primarily for sup ...

I was more thinking of running OpenVPN on XP. (I believe it should work well on a "Home" system, too. After all, it's not a MS product...)

But for support, I'd really recommend LogMeIn free. (Their free product doesn't support file transfer, but I have Skype and torrents for that :) )

I believe even XP home supports the remote support part of RDP, but that requires someone to actively invite you and maybe set up port forwarding on the router and/or drill a hole in the firewall, so it's in many cases a no go.

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So if I install OpenVPN on both, I can join the networks?

by Slayer_ In reply to I was more thinking of XP

Is this correct? I would then forward the ports on the router to the correct local machine, and that would give me access to all machines in the house. Example. I install OpenVPN on the office computer, folks connect to it on their end, or I init the connection, then on my end, I can connect to the computer that is connected to the TV to transfer a movie?

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