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    Want to Learn UNIX


    by judy.corbin ·

    I would like some on-line resources for learning the UNIX OS. I have bought two books and am learning the commands but I need hands-on training. Is there some place I can learn UNIX from the ground up and is there software available somewhere?

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      Want to Learn UNIX

      by nocloo ·

      In reply to Want to Learn UNIX

      There’s no software. Because there are so many Unix variants out there such as AIX, Solaris, Linux, BSD, etc.
      The best place to learn would be, and based on what you want to learn first, there’re plenty of documentation for each of field you want to learn there.
      Have fun.

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      Want to Learn UNIX

      by kirya ·

      In reply to Want to Learn UNIX

      I think the best software are the distributions of Unices. And the best way to learn the system is to install it and try to use in the areas you want to use it. There is a lot of Unices and you’ll have to choose some (if haven’t chosen yet). I advice you to try
      Hope this will help you

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      Want to Learn UNIX

      by hugevlad ·

      In reply to Want to Learn UNIX

      Hi !

      You can find lecture materials about UNIX on Internet (go and type in query string “UNIX for beginners”, “UNIX administration guidelines” etc). There are some printed books (visit for example).
      But learning UNIX only “in theory” is not good idea, you need some practice. You can telnet to and get account to work with UNIX (SunOS). In additional, you will get alternative e-mail address.
      To receive your own account, telnet to and login as “newuser” (password not needed). Then, answer few question and enjoy 🙂

      With best regards,

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