want to log info of remote desktop connection sessions on win 2000 server

By senthilid14 ·

In our team, there are around 40 developers. We are using many win xp pro and few win 2000 servers. Databases and middle tier softwares are installed on 2000 servers.

Every one knows these 2000 servers' administrator passwords. So we frequently connect with these servers using Remote Desktop connection and after finishing work, we close the sessions

As we know 2000 server allows 2 sessions, some times 2 persons also connect and they do some works.

From past one week, my full day work is with server only. Some Idiots in our team by using the other session they are connecting, and they are restarting server for their purpose without any intimation. I am sufferring lot, I sent mails to inform me before restart, and even my manager also asked in mail. But these idiots are not listening.

All what I want is, 'who is using other session, and whenever they restarts the system, some script should run and it should log 'from which ip address (win xp machine) they connected with win 2000 server as remote desktop and what time the restart command given'.

since every one using same 'Administrator' as username, just logging username is not sufficient.

I wanted to log message 'from which windows xp machine they connected with windows 2000 server as remote desktop connection'

Can anybody help me?

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