Want to logon as User by default in XP Pro

By penimagic ·
Hi. I've just upgraded to XP Pro from Win2000, on 1 computer on a network. The other machines are running XP Home, and prior to this upgrade, everybody could see everybody else's computer, no problem.
Now, however, the other computers have to enter the user name and password of the Pro machine before it will let them in. But that's not the worst of it.....
When I boot up, it always logs onto Administrator, not my User account. I then have to log off and on again as me. This is a real waste of time, and I just want to have one User account and go straight into that, like I used to.
I've read lots of Q&As about Safe Mode to get into Administrator, but my problem is not finding Administrator, but losing it!!
Anyone got any ideas? It's a real bind, especially when I'm in a hurry to check email or something.

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Google is your friend

by NickNielsen In reply to Want to logon as User by ...
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Thank you so much.

by penimagic In reply to Google is your friend

Hi. Thanks so much for that link. It appears to be doing what I want it to do now.
It obviously helps if you know what keywords to use in Google - I tried all sorts of things like "XP Pro Administrator logon", "user accounts", etc. But I didn't know to put "Auto Logon"!
Just goes to show, doesn't it!
Thanks again. P.

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You're quite welcome

by NickNielsen In reply to Thank you so much.

Glad I could help

<Blatant troll for external approval>
Now go back to my post and click on the "Answer Helped" button! :)
</Blatant troll for external approval>

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