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Want to make a server on WinXP Pro

By thedozz ·
I'm trying to find out how to make my second PC into a server. I want to use it to have my FTP Server, Teamspeak Server, and what ever else I can get on there. It currently has windows XP pro. Getting ready to wipe it and fresh install of it. I know there are issues of not having a dedicated IP.

I have a DSL conection, on a 4 port router. My main computer and the second computer are in the same workspace.

I saw some programs out there that let you host your own email server on your personal PC, I want to also see if I can host my own web page. I know WinXP Pro has some good stuff built in, but just need some insite on how I should do this. I would like friends to be able to login like a FTP and get files or upload things they want shared(gamer, active guild, ingame vid clips, screenshots, etc) Better yet to have my own website hosted on my machine.

I'll be glad to get on voice chat with yahoo or msn.
Recently have been medically discharged from the military and have all kinds of time on my hands to learn. I'm farely decent with knowledge and want to expand that knowledge now that I have time. So, if you all could just get me going in the right direction, that would be great.

I don't want to get into linux just yet either

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Yes that could work.

by Jonny Memonic In reply to Want to make a server on ...

HI what you are asking for is pretty easy, once you know what you are doing.

Ok for not having a static ip thats ok, you could still host on a dynamic ip. Using dynamic dns programs for example or there are alot of free ones out there. So that would hosting FTP, website and mail.
basically your site will have a url for e.g
your email would be

Depends which dynamic dns program you go with of course. You could a full if you want but you would have to pay a monthly fee for the program to get that feature.
Or you could just get a static ip and domain name.

Now the software you need to setup for hosting a website. Windows XP pro comes with
IIS 6 which is nice and it also has a built in FTP server which are very easy to configure.
To install this go to control pane then go to add/remove programs then click on add/remove windows components>internet information services> make usre that box is checked or you could double click and make sure the component have a check mark. once that is installed you could open up the IIS and start configuring, very easy to do.

Now the mail program to use hmmm they have free versions of Imail and other open source mail programs you could try do not know any off the bat free versions, if you are willing to pay for a version *merak mail* is great.

For all this to work make sure forward ports from your dsl router to the ip of the machine that is going to host all this. main ports are 80, 53, 21, 110, 25, there may be others depending on the programs and so on.

Hope this helps

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