want to move to a single Active Directory

By volodymyr ·
Currently we have a setup where there is one main doamain(mydomain.local) and 14 sub domains (domain1.mydomain.local, domain2.mydomain.local, etc...) Also there is a AD for each one... I want to be able to move to a scenario where I have 1 AD and can manage all users in the forest through one window instead of switching between the ADs and have one admin account instead of 15.
Please let me know if it is possible and if there is any good place to get some information on that. I looked around, but didn't find anything

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your question doesn't make sense

by CG IT In reply to want to move to a single ...

unless your using NT .....

with AD in a Windows 2000/2003 AD environment, child domains of the root in 1 forest share the same schema, GP will flow down to child domains blah blah blah.

Enterprise Administrators have total access to all child domains of the root within the forest.

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We do have Windows 2000/2003

by volodymyr In reply to your question doesn't mak ...

I am new to AD and have limited knowledge on how it works. I am web developer who is trying to figure this out.
The only experience with this I have is working with a single domain where all the users appear under one AD. The new organization I am working for has it setup that each site has its own AD. I can go through "Domains & Trusts" option and see all of them, but I was wondering if there is a way to change it so that all the users can be managed using one domain as well as have them all login under one domain too (right now each location has its own domain that users login under).
Any information is appreciated.
Thank you in advance,

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what is the domain structure

by CG IT In reply to We do have Windows 2000/2 ...

someone had to have documented that.

Without a graphical representation of the domain structure, who knows ...

if your a web developer with no experience in Active Directory, bow out. Seriously.

It would take you two + years of both book and hands on learning to be familiar with Active Directory before you could even attempt to try a restructure without catastrophic results.

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Not for learning

by razz2 In reply to want to move to a single ...

CG IT is correct, if you have little or no AD experience
then run now.

With that said, Keep in mind that a two-way transitive
trusts exist between subdomain and domain in Active
Directory. That does not mean that permissions are
granted but that the trust is there. Users in the parent
domain can simply be given permissions in the
subdomains. I am sure the subdomains were chosen over
simple sites for some reason so again I agree with CG IT
that a diagram would be helpful.

Take a look at this link for a good summary of why or
when multiple subdomains might be an advantage (It may
wrap from the Mac so you may need to copy all lines of
the link and paste):


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Thank you for your help guys...

by volodymyr In reply to Not for learning

Thanks for letting me in on that stuff, the guy before me never left any docs (he had it all in his head as they say). I will see if I can steer clear of it...

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