Want to pull data from one excel spread worksheet to another

By rhirko ·
I want to pull data from one Excel worksheet and put into a different workbook.

The challenge is the name of the file is dynamic, it changes from one month to the next (Expenses_Aug 09, Expenses_Sep 09, etc). This name is in a cell.

So i would have Sheet1 in Expenses_Aug 09, Sheet1 in Expenses_Sep 09, etc. I want to copy and paste all of Sheet1 into a static sheet in another workbook.

How to best do this?

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Write a macro

by jmarsh In reply to Want to pull data from on ...

Use Visual basic and write a simple macro to do this for you. You can program the Macro to create a new file for you and copy and paste everything into the new file and at the end use the save as command to save the file as whatever you would like including pulling in the value from a cell. There are many very specific macro/visual basic examples available to google and it is not that difficult to learn quickly to do specific tasks. It is a very useful skill to learn if you use excel frequently for very repetitive tasks.

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