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Want to try Linux

By menjy94 ·

I hoping to get some advice from you guys who know Linux. I want to build a workstation for home with Linux as the OS. Are there various "Flavors" of Linux or are they all the same? I understand I'll also need to get the drivers for the network and sound cards, right?
If these questions sound basic, forgive me I'm a newbie who wants to check out Linux. Thanks for any response.

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Lots of flavors

by gralfus In reply to Want to try Linux is a place to download ISO CD images of many kinds of Linux. You will need a fast connection and try different mirror sites until you get a fast one (1 hour instead of 20 hours).

I like Mandrake due to its user friendliness (auto detects everything for the most part and has all the drivers).

Knoppix is a CD bootable version of Linux that lets you use Linux without installing. This autodetects most system components also.

Slackware was recommended to me as a version that makes you learn Linux from the ground up. I haven't used it yet.

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by Grim_Deeds In reply to Want to try Linux

I think Knoppix is the best way to check out Linux since it doesn't modify your current OS install and it does a great job of auto detecting most hardware. So, if you fairly common hardware, know how to burn a CD, and can boot your computer from CD then you should have an easy time testing Knoppix. Visit the site to download the latest ISO image and to be sure to check out their discussion boards and FAQ section. Here's the link:

Good luck with it...


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It really depends on what you want to do

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Want to try Linux

While Knopix is great if you want to integrate with a Windows network it can be a bit on the hard side to work with if you have no Linux experience.

I generally recommend Lycoris Desktop LX as a starting point to new nix users who's only computer knowledge is Windows as it is a very simple system to play with. Slackware is also great for beginners as well and both generally have all the drivers included unless you have some really strange "New" hardware but my pick for beginners is Lycoris as it has the look and feel of Windows XP while being a proper Linux distribution.

One of the above posters gave you a link that will pickup all the suggested distro's or you could try Planet Mirror at either site will do.

Lets know if you have any problems & I'll attempt to help you through them.


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Linux is not that scary

by mail_ap In reply to Want to try Linux

Linux is available in different distributions (DISTROS) as Red Hat ,Debian , Mandrake etc.
There latest versions may have different names but what is new is the linux kernel version.All
these distros provide some or the other feature different from each other while keeping the kernel same ex.Kernel 2.4 is used in Red Hat 9 etc.

All the packages and rpms etc are easily available freely downloadable.
So enjoy Linux

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Try Mandrake or Knoppix first.

by Prolifiq In reply to Want to try Linux

Mandrake Linux is an excellent first choice for newbies, thanks to several improvements in the installation process & user interface over the years. It will detect most or all of your hardware, which will hopefully smooth that process out for you.

MandrakeMove & Knoppix are Linux OSes that run entirely from a CD (or USB key). Perfect for auditing Linux, because they won't screw up your system.

Mandrake, MandrakeMove, and Knoppix are all free of charge.

I'm hoping you'll be using broadband for these downloads...?

P.S. Try Fedora/Red Hat, Slackware, or Debian once you feel ready for more of a challenge.

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Mandrake or Suse

by arleenw In reply to Want to try Linux

Both really, really easy to install and you can download iso's run from cd for both.

I like the Mandrake gui but Suse's Yast makes administration so easy.

Either will make learning Linux easier and fun!

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