Wanted: a really helpful electronic device or iThing

By A Non-Tecchie ·
I am searching for an electronic device that can do the following:

1. make and receive calls and texts
2. good word-processing
3. Skype
4. Internet
5. take a USB drive/memory stick
6. not painfully small, but tablet-sized rather than computer-sized, so that can be easily portable
7. read e-books

Does such a device exist?

A Non-Tecchie

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Not really

by robo_dev In reply to Wanted: a really helpful ...

- First of all, a tablet-sized device is not practical for phone calls, texting, or Skype, for various reasons. It's really not very safe to cradle a tablet computer to your ear when driving, for example.

- A tablet device is or smartphone are not ideal for word processing, as a touch-screen keyboard may be usable for some light typing, but not real word processing.

- Many devices do not have USB or memory stick ports...the memory is built-in.

1,3, 6, and 7 can be done on iPhone or any smartphone. Most small displays are very hi-res, so it's very usable for e-books, unless you have the eyes of 90 year old, then you need a big e-book reader.

To do word processing or skype video, you need a laptop, which can also do other things on your list, obviously.

A tablet like an iPad gives you 4, 5 (maybe), 6, and 7

Amazon makes some very good (and cheap) e-book readers.

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Netbook w/built in broadband

by Rob Kuhn In reply to Wanted: a really helpful ...

Like 'robo_dev' said, "Not really".

Maybe a Netbook with built in broadband would be the closest.

Some of the Droid powered Tablets would be your best bet.

As 'robo_dev' mentioned about it not being practicle to talk on (if using it as a phone), he's correct, but you can get away with using a Bluetooth headset/earpiece.

I also have an iPad and have done some light calling on it using Skype and the Microsoft Lync 2010 app (we have a Microsoft Communicator/Lync server). But my iPad doesn't have the built in broadband so I have to rely on WiFi and Hot Spots. But I also have a cell phone which is much easier and much more efficient for making and recieving calls. :)

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