Wanted: bluetooth portable audio rcvr/transmt w/headset jacks

By walker25 ·
Wanted: bluetooth portable audio receiver/transmitter w/headset jacks

I would prefer to carry the batteries and electronics for audio receiving/transmitting in my pocket or on my belt rather than mounted on my head or hanging from my ear.

But more importantly: I want FREEDOM OF CHOICE.
The proper headset for the job... sometimes, over-the-head full-ear-coverage... while other times a monaural ear dangler would be more suitable. I'd like to able to choose between a variety of headsets, or even to a use separate microphone and headphone combo, rather than being stuck with a single design for all occasions.
(Wearing wires is *not* a problem.)

And it would be nice for this device to be: Class 1 Bluetooth ver 2.
Why be tethered within 10 meters (33 feet) of your computer when you can wander a football field away receiving megabits per second?

One headphone type that i really like is over-the-head with thick, soft cushions completely enclosing the ear. I've owned or used many of these. They're quite comfortable, and they eliminate all environmental noise... no-nag hardware, sort of.

Have you seen what's available out there? Over-the-head bluetooth headsets are but a small segment of the total bluetooth headset market. And I've seen only a few that approximate the thick, soft cushions spec. And not only did these devices get mediocre reviews, but they were 33-footers! and, worst of all, they cost $200! or more! for a fourth-rate solution!

Am I asking for so much?
Please, I beg of you, don't tell me that no such bluetooth portable audio receiver/transmitter w/headset jacks device exists...
I have asked Google in every way I could think of. I have searched dozens of Bluetooth accessories pages. There must be some name... some description... that i've not thought of. Just post the relevant URL (dare I say URLs) or let me in on the secret code word or words that locate this elusive (illusive?) device and I'll be your friend forever.

Surely I'm not the only person who would treasure such a device. There must be 10's of us.

soundlessly yours... Walker

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