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Wanted: Budget saving insight

By jmottl ·
We're putting together some articles on how to cut costs and budget saver tips and examples -- what have you done this year that's saved you time or money -- if you're not comfortable posting, email me at,
Judy Mottl
CIO Community Editor

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by tbragsda In reply to Wanted: Budget saving ins ...

I have purchased more than file servers, and some miscellaneous equipment off eBay/Yahoo auctions.

Most of the sellers were as helpful as my dedicated sales reps with various main stream suppliers.

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What about quality concerns

by jmottl In reply to Auctions

In a story awhile back, another IT professional mentioned using Ebay, but I wondered about real quality issues or opening a box and finding what you didn't order -- has that ever been an issue?

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No problems yet.

by tbragsda In reply to What about quality concer ...

I bought from vendors that had good ratings, feedback etc. These COs are not just some guy selling his old lamp, they are professionals. I did get one server that was a little beat, but it was advertised as such. Most give accurate descriptions of equipment condition.

Can?t say this for all items auctioned, as I have only bought higher ticket items. Looking in the off brand, or cheaper equipment may turn different results, but I will continue to use these sources, even after my budget picks back up.

Another warning to keep in mind is that the buyer needs to know what he is after. The seller provides no engineering help. This could be a pitfall for less experienced admins.

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Another great experence

by tbragsda In reply to No problems yet.

Just got a 8port RAS device, that I will be useing for a outbound gateway for a upcoming project. The aprox cost I was looking at from my vendors was ~1500$, I got one for 11.51$!!! No joke.

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