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Wanted: Examples of unrecognized IT genius!

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
Technology professionals are supposed to be some of the smartest people around--and now's your chance to prove it! TechRepublic is compiling a list of the best IT ideas of 2004. Did you develop an innovative solution, conceive of a great new strategy, or simply find a way to survive the most competitive tech environment in a decade? Well then, commence bragging! Share the best ideas you came up with this year--even (or especially) those that management refused to try--and your name and brainstorm just might earn a spot in an upcoming TechRepublic download.

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Unrecognized IT Genius

by rob In reply to Wanted: Examples of unrec ...

I was assigned last year to be the SME (subject matter expert)for a major IT system upgrade effort. I worked on a team tasked to design and build a next-gen netcentric solution for an airborne Army application.

I needed a way to push data from various serial devices (GPS, radios, 1553, etc) out across the LAN to all the nodes on the network. To this end I found a vendor for Serial-to-LAN converters (Avocent)and tasked them to modify their firmware to achieve UDP broadcasting. A serial-to-LAN converter is a device which will "convert" an RS232/422/485 signal to ethernet and vice versa.

I had used Serial-to-LAN converters for quite some time to remotely control serial devices. But this new twist allowed all the data coming across those devices to be pumped out on to the subnet. Therefore, all the nodes residing on the LAN need only "mine" for the data they need out of this stream.

This has worked excetionally well for us. Now before you say "old news" I point out at this time I could find NO such converters with UDP capability. In fact, Avocent was the third or fourth vendor I approached about doing this and the only one willing to undertake the effort. The first few vendors I asked to do it refused.

Lately I've noticed this is practically a standard feature on all these type converters. This solution was truly ahead of its time.

Rob H.

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Data Mirroring on A Buget

by gldotoli In reply to Wanted: Examples of unrec ...

On my last assignment, at a Non-Profit, we began collecting gigabytes of SQL data at a branch office. We couldn't access the data center ad-hoc, since our computer equipment was housed by a larger government agency. Physical swapping of tapes and access was difficult.

We purchased a $120 dollar 200 gig hard drive, with an external case from Cyberguys. Utilizing blat and Robocopy, we backed up all of our data (20 gig) to the local RAID disk and the external drive. In addition we used NT backup to nightly format a tape and perform a full backup.

We put the Robocopy bacth file in the scheduler and every night we:
Stop SQL services
Mirrored the data
Wrote the Robocopy LOG to File
Started the SQL services
Via Blat emailed the results to Helpdesk support.

Utilizing the resource kit and free blat software, we implemented data mirroring and alerting. Something some larger firms spend thosands on and never get it right.

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No body need them!!!!

by tanvirlodi In reply to Wanted: Examples of unrec ...

Salam, Hi, Danke, Marhaba,

I am in the field of computing since 1989. I am very good learner with good logice. I can work on any software, hardware provided i be given a book about it.

I need something challenging to be done in my life and i need free hand to acomplish it.

But it seems nobody need someone life me so that is why i am job less today.

So, i think no one need a Genius out there.

Bye, Thanks for your time.


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Secure Comminications

by sheldon.fougere In reply to Wanted: Examples of unrec ...

We needed a secure way of communicating with our member organizations. Email was proving to be not the best solution. We send confidential information back and forth such as home addresses, salaries and the like. Couriering the information was proving to be impractical.

I created a web site secured with SSL and user authentication where member organizations would upload files to the web server. A script would then run on the web server to copy the files to a secured file store where staff would access it. Once the file copy was done the files on the web server would be deleted.
The reverse of this was creating a site where staff would upload files for members to access. Each member organization has it's own location. When staff log in to the website they are presented with a drop down selection box to what organization needs the file.
The organzations then go to a web page where there is a list of all the organizations (this is not confidential) and they select there particular link. Once authenticated, they can click to download the file. Once downloaded, the can also click a check box beside each file to be able to delete the file. If they don't do this, the files that are two weeks old or older are deleted. This script runs on a daily basis.
The members and staff love this. It has increased productivity by not having to wait for couriers.

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Realizing what you have

by Calgary In reply to Secure Comminications

One of my clients conference rooms are located in a public accessible area. These rooms are normally locked but opened up about an hour before meetings and locked up when someone thinks about it. A weekly list is published on Friday stating rooms and network connections required for the following week. On paper, the rooms network connections would be enabled then disabled during the day by a telnet session. This worked great until it got busy on the floor or your meeting ran late. I told them that they could set up jobs in their newly acquired Cisco Works that would do all that work for them and that it wouldn't forget. Now when the conference room booking schedule comes out Friday afternoon the required connections are built into jobs that enable and disable the ports according to the schedule. They had never thought of using it for that. They also like the idea of the confirming "job successful" emails. Not a big deal but it works great for them....

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by threeeagle1world In reply to Wanted: Examples of unrec ...

One solution that you may have not considered, is to go to local university IT dept and speak with the dean or dept head and ask if they would not mind doing it for you, using their students for a class project and gaining experience, and of course you can offer to pay them and even donate some money to the dept.

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by apotheon In reply to Solution

What exactly is that supposed to solve? You lost me. This doesn't seem to have anything to do with the original post.

"ask if they would not mind doing it for you"
Do WHAT for "you"?

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by vltiii In reply to Huh?

I believe he is right on track for the original post, regardless how ingenious it really is. His ingenious solution is to have someone else do the work.

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by vltiii In reply to Solution

Funny you should mention this. Our senior project when I was working on my BSCS was to right a medical scheduler program. I heard throught the grapevine after we graduated that the professor was actually selling the program to hospitals... hmmm...

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one problem

by apotheon In reply to Re:

That's called "plagiarism". Unethical behavior doesn't qualify as "genius" in my estimation.

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