Wanted Popups being blocked--all blockers turned off/uninstalled ---

By landman ·
DELL XPS, WinXP MCE, SP2, IE6, Norton IS/AV 2006, SpySweeper, Ad-Watch, Ad-AwareSE Pro --- Was using IE6 as primary browser with Google Toolbar w/popup blocker active. Also secondarily used Yahoo/AT&T browser with its builtin popup blocker. Decided to install Yahoo Toolbar in IE6 to ease checking of AT&T/Yahoo email accounts. BIG MISTAKE! Yahoo toolbar apparently installed with popup blocker active. Could no longer view wanted popups on trusted sites (such as SpySweeper renewal page) even after turning the blocker(s) off. Went in to verify all blockers turned completely off. Still could not view (popups appear momentarily, but are immediately closed). Uninstalled Yahoo toolbar, no change. Uninstalled Google toolbar, no change. Assume some artifact of Yahoo or other program(s) in registry is culprit. Norton(?)whose control window seems to lock up midway through displaying, but otherwise seems to be functioning normally (and I have never used the Norton popup blocker). Have tried system restore but for reasons unknown I cannot execute a system restore. I have gone back and then come forward progressively, but always get a message from restore that it cannot restore to that point -- any point! Related?Any ideas? Help?! Thanks, landman

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I had similar problems

by Kiltie In reply to Wanted Popups being block ...

But my circumstances may be totally different to yours.

However, I note that you didn't mention IEs pop up blocker, so let's deal with that.

Tools/Internet Options/Privacy
clear the Block pop-ups box at the bottom.
That's a start, but wasn't enough for me, I wanted certain sites that used pop ups to be able to display.
So I selected SITES, on same page, and entered the URL of the site I wanted (copy/pasting the addy beforehand helps with possible typo errors) and clicked ALLOW

This solved my problem, I hope it solves yours.

Personally I find pop up blockers to be a pain in the a$$, but that's just my opinion, I use other methods of control.
Also I NEVER allow toolbars in, they are BHOs and they tend to think that they rule YOUR world, and a bugger to get rid of, have to use the heavy guns with those, like HijackThis, once they get a foothold.

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IE's blocker is off as well

by landman In reply to I had similar problems

Thanks Kiltie, but IE's blocker is off as well. I agree about BHOs. The only one I had ever allowed prior to this was Google's from soon after they introduced it. To the date of this problem I had never had a problem with the Google toolbar and found it useful. I felt I was controlling it rather than the other way around. (Like a controlled substance maybe?) For this reason, I tend to think the problem was generated by Yahoo or by some screwup involving Norton. Installing the Yahoo bar was the heighth of stupidity and I am paying for it. I knew better. I have come to expect this for everything involving Yahoo and many things involving Norton. Thanks again. Any other suggestions?

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by Kiltie In reply to IE's blocker is off as we ...

You didn't mention if you had checked the privacy settings.
I mean the "Sites" button, to see the site you want is allowed or not.
If it isn't, then try adding it.

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by Kiltie In reply to Wanted Popups being block ...

Try HijackThis, download link:
Run it and save a log file, but DON'T try and do anything yourself, without some help, as it can be dangerous.

You can get a bit of self help by copy/pasting the log into the large white box on this site:

Then click the Analyze button.

It may (just may) indicate if any unwanted toolbars or BHOs are around.

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EarthLink Popup Blocker.msi

by et.lanham In reply to Wanted Popups being block ...

I had earthlink on my computer and removed it, now when I clink on some of my desktop folders it keeps trying to load and says the file is missing. I can not find any earthlink file on my computer to remove so it doesn't keep happening. Any Advise? Thanks. Thomas Lanham. My e-mail is

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