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    Wanted: training recommendations


    by *artemis* ·

    As always, the need is there but the budget is limited…what source did you go to for IT training that gave you the most bang for your buck? I’m looking for as much hands-on (simulated or otherwise) as possible, in things such as Win2k, BackOffice, CCNA, etc. Thanks!

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      Ya gotta have friends…

      by marence ·

      In reply to Wanted: training recommendations

      I found a few friends running small businesses, or the tech side of a small business, are almost always willing to have unpaid labor in exchange for tips, tricks, and training. We have some mutual friends who did “internships” like this, supplemented them with on-line cram sessions, and then passed the cert tests AND had documentable experience.

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      by kelster ·

      In reply to Wanted: training recommendations

      Another way would be to do volunteer work. It’s tax deductible, looks real good on the reume, and a chance to help your community. Of course, the bad part is that you don’t get paid today but it will open up doors for you in the future.

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