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Wanted: Versatile backup app for Windows 7

By nikj_dk ·
Tags: Microsoft
Can anyone recomend a backup program that is able to:

Backup to different harddisks (disk rotation)
Backup an open .pst file
Save a specific number of backups, and delete the oldest every time a new backup is created

Environment is Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit.


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You mean a local PC application or some enterprise solution?

by robo_dev In reply to Wanted: Versatile backup ...

The most full-featured local backup solutions are Acronis TrueImage and Symantec Ghost. You could schedule custom jobs to backup to different disks.

Not sure about open pst or purging older backups. Typically that's a bit too risky to do automatically.

The enterprise solution known as Symantec Netbackup can backup open pst files and of course do all sorts of data movement on the server side.

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versatile no, useful yes

by yychaser In reply to Wanted: Versatile backup ...

For all i know, most of the commercial bckup software can do most of the works you listed but not all of them. I've never used any charged version of backup tools, so i'd like to talk about the features of some freewares.
most backup tools have couple of features such as: system backup, disk backup, partition backup and schedule backup(monthly, weekly and daily). And, some software evnen with some additional functions like clone, restore and whatnot........
However, i try very hard to search a backup tool tha can save a spcific nuber but i’m filled. For your last question, are you mean if the old verson will be removed when the upgrade is taking place? If that’s what you mean, i can promise most of them could meet your expectation.
Here is a list of features of a backupper, you can get through it for further needs.

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No plugin or spyware.

by yychaser In reply to Wanted: Versatile backup ...

one more question, the one i posted before is a safe one, you should be careful about the plug-in, spyware and tool bar which hide in some comercial tools

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by yychaser In reply to versatile no, useful yes

i'm not mean it, i even do't know why this comment posted so many times. spare me ! Administrator!

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