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Wanted: Video Conferencing Solutions

By rmurphy ·
The company I work for is looking into getting video conferencing in our 3 different locations. What I have looked at(Polycom) is too expensive, $6,000 and up per unit. What kind of setups have you seen? What do you reccomend?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Wanted: Video Conferencin ...

Well you can start from virtually nothing more than a Web Cam and Messenger and work your way up the chain or price range. It really depends on how fast you want your Video Conferencing to be and how many people you want to be able to join in.

You can try the following for ideas

The above are just a few of the options currently available and a Goggle Search will show you a lot more. It really depends o how far you want to go here.


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by rmurphy In reply to Wanted: Video Conferencin ...

We have a digital video camcorder that I plan to use. I looked at Netmeeting and it says that it allows only one connection to view your video. I also looked at Microsoft Live Meeting and it didn't seem to have live video integration. I also looked at Webex, which has video integration.

What other options are there? What are your thoughts, what do you reccomend and why?

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by kunal.karnik In reply to Wanted: Video Conferencin ...

Check out, conferencing through internet.

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We have a solution

by kunal.karnik In reply to Wanted: Video Conferencin ...

Kindly reply and get back to us at

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by ceo In reply to Wanted: Video Conferencin ...

Well you need Streamphone...

Streamphone is a brand new program that is free and that brings Video - VoIP to your mobile phone, Smartphone, PDA, UMPC, Laptop, and PC. That means low cost mobile calls to other Streamphone users or to anyone else any where in the world. Since Streamphone is free to install, anyone you call can on the fly install Streamphone and be ready in 30 seconds or less. Streamphone allows you to have video conference calls with up to 65 of your closest friends. As a part of this offer each person that signs up register for Streamphone and you can use Streamphone free of charge for about a month as we will give you $50 just for signing up. After 3 months it?s as low as $9.00 a month for unlimited audio calls. If you want video calls its $50 a month for unlimited audio video calls to anywhere in the world.

The bigger picture
Streamphone mobile video and voice over IP is a service that challenges the most valuable service in the telecommunications industry ? voice, we are offering mobile video and voice, pc to pc and pc to traditional phone at a price below the cost of VOIP and well below the cost of traditional cell phone.

How it works
Streamphone saves you money by sending calls over the internet rather than via traditional mobile operators on the data channel-thus cutting out the middle man and saving you money.
This is pretty complex but even a cave woman and cave children have been making Streamphone calls to their friends and family now for more than 3 year. So you can do it. Later we plan to make so easy that event for the cave men in version 3.0 can do it.

Does it really work
Yes, Not only does it work any where in the world on any system or network, we built Streamphone as a software-only network videophone and video conferencing solution. We offer Streamphone free of charge as if it is open source. So anyone you call with Streamphone call also uses it free of charge. Our technology is freely available internationally and is compatable with all standards.

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