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Wanted:Suggestions on tape backup plan

By doc_holiday ·
I was recently hired on as a systems technician (basically IT do-it-all person). One of the tasks that I was given was to "Overhaul" the tape backup procedure.

Never doing this before I really don't have anything to compare to, therefore, I'm looking for any suggestions on scheduling, pulling, rotation, on-site/off-site archiving, etc.

Here's what we do right now:
We are a small company: 40 users. We've got 4 servers running NT. We're currently using Seagate Backup exec, managing the tape backups of the 4 servers.

We have a three week rotation of Tuesday-Friday tapes and a 16 week rotation of Monday tapes, we pull every 4th Monday for offsite archive.

How does this sound to those in similar situations and what would anyone suggest to change? Also: Budget limited to current backup software and tapes, so we're probably not going to be buying anything soon. THOUGH...I am going to present ideas of NAS to the IT manager, if they seem efficient and cost-effective.

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We're a small company too

by TomSal In reply to Wanted:Suggestions on tap ...

We are twice your company's size but we are still small, by most people's standards.

Here's how we backup our half gig database, our webserver (barely 100 megs), 4 other NT servers with a total of about 1-2 gigs of ACT! database data, logs and other stuff.

We also use Seagate Backup Exec.

We do nightly incremental backups T-F, every single week.

We do FULL backups each Monday.

We actually keep TWO full backup copies of each server. One of the copies stays in the MIS departmentin a fire safe. The other copy is stored off-site, in yet another fire safe.

Oh BTW, Seagate Backup naturally handles the scheduling of the backup. Its routine for us now, so we never forget, each day we just pop the tapes in the appropriate drives and forget about it. The software takes care of the rest automatically. Its a beautiful thing.

(But then when you pay $700 for something I suppose it better improve something right? LOL).

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